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via Daily Prompt: Transformation Transformation . . . the larva becomes a caterpillar and finally emerges as a butterfly – the metamorphosis of nature.

The Tower card in the Tarot deck, one of the major arcana speaks of a rapid, life-changing moment. The event will come swiftly, when one least expects it, and it will be a major happening, not merely a change. A house or job move (perhaps, even, to another country); a marriage or a divorce; a separation; a new beginning.

Change is only temporary; transformation is permanent and one’s life and even one’s attitudes, have the ability to adapt and blossom beyond all recognition. Change is ‘mending’ or ‘fixing’, and suggests that one is righting a wrong or something that is imperfect. Transformation goes way beyond this. It speaks of energy shifts, reawakening and reinvigorating of the chakra centres, allowing oneself to go with the flow, see where the road takes you. Maximising one’s potential, making the most of every opportunity. Reinventing oneself just because it feels right, not because something is not quite right.

Transformation. The bud of the lotus flower gently unfurling and then overnight – whoosh! Sudden and shocking and exhilarating.

Transformation. It lies within us all.